Volume 1


A Conversation with Congressman John Lewis

In years past, I had interviewed other giants in the Civil Rights Movement—such as Dick Gregory, Dr. Dorothy Height, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Julian Bond, and Andrew Young. But today, I would interview the biggest one of them all.

I entered Congressman Lewis’ office suite and took a seat in the small waiting area outside his executive office. After a short while, I was escorted into his executive office and was seated at a circular table about the size you would find in a modest dining room. After a few minutes of anticipation, Mr. Lewis entered the room and we began the interview …

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Volume 2


I have so many reasons to hate cops, it’s ridiculous. (I explore some of these reasons in detail in Volume 1 of The War in America book series: One Black Man’s Battles against Racist and Abusive Law Enforcement.)

I am a black American man who, over the course of 60 years of life, has been brutalized by police a dozen times in a dozen ways—from petty harassment and false imprisonment to unwarranted beatings. I have known or observed many black men with similar experiences or worse. So yes, I have every reason to hate cops. But I cannot. I have known too many good ones to hate them all.

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Volume 3

Chapter 1: Welcome To The Club

Everyone who has had a horrible experience with one or more bad cops wonders why police officials allow such bad apples to call themselves police officers. People who have encountered police abuse have anguished memories of being violated by someone they believed in, someone who they had been taught to trust, someone they expected to protect them from the bad guys—not to be one of the bad guys.

Has a bad guy in a cop’s uniform ever crossed your path?

Perhaps you got pulled over for an alleged traffic violation, such as a broken tail light, and ended up beaten, jailed or shot. Abusive cops have caused these kinds of terrible things to happen to countless people in recent years as well as throughout American history.

People like …  [This volume is under development)